Do You Know About Federally Regulated SAVINGS Transfer Limits?

You Should! The Federal government considers a savings account a non-transaction account and has placed limits on savings account transactions NOT conducted in person. These transactions include automatic (ACH), preauthorized, telephone, and computer transfers. Enclosed you will find some important information about how these transfer limits affect your account, plus 4 strategies to help manage them.


SAVINGS Transfer Limits

Limit 6 per statement cycle (Any Combination)

  • ACH from Savings only (Preauthorized Electronic Funds Transfers)
  • Online Banking Transfers (Including A2A Transfers) from Savings only
  • MAX Automated Phone Transfers from Savings only
  • Non Sufficient Fund Transfers to Checking from Savings only
  • Phone Transfer – done by credit union employee

Each member is allowed 6 transfers per statement cycle. After 6 transfers, additional transfers will be rejected and overdraft fees assessed to checking account.


  • Any Automated Teller Machine Transactions (ATM)
  • Any In-Person Transactions
  • Any By-Mail Transactions
  • Any Night Drop Transactions

Midwest Community Federal Credit Union ATM’s are located at State Rt. 66 North, Deerwood Drive, South Clinton St., Napoleon Branch, South Main St., Bryan Branch, North Shoop Ave., Wauseon, and GM Powertrain Plant 2.


Strategies to help manage Federally Regulated SAVINGS transfer limits:

  • Do not authorize third party transfers by ACH from your savings account. Instead, set up the transfer from your checking account which has unlimited ACH transfers.
  • Plan ahead to either stop by or mail in your fund transfer request. These two types of transfers are not limited.
  • Balance your checking account periodically. This will help limit the number of NSF transfers from your savings account.
  • Plan ahead and make one large transfer instead of several small transfers. Each regulated transfer counts as one transaction, no matter the amount.