Jump-start your dreams of a college education with a private student loan from Midwest Community. Choose an option below.

  • Undergraduate

    Focus on what is really important and let us handle the rest!

    Our Student Choice private loan solution is designed to fill the funding gaps that may exist after all lower-cost sources of aid (including scholarships, grants, and federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans) have been exhausted. And since these loans are being offered through Midwest Community Federal Credit Union, you know you’re getting a great deal from a not-for-profit lender you can trust.


  • Student Loan Refinance

    Take control of your student loan repayment by refinancing with Midwest Community Federal Credit Union!

    You’ll be able to refinance and consolidate your private and federal student loans (including PLUS loans) into one manageable loan, setting up one convenient payment, and potentially lowering your rate. Featuring a competitive interest rate and zero origination fees, our refinance loan can help you simplify your life while amplifying your funds.