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We champion our members family, health and financial stability! Our primary focus is you, the member and guiding you to attain your financial goals. Is a particular part of your life slipping because of your finances? We’re here to help you succeed! We bring our passion for you to work every day. What could you save, outside of money, by saving with Midwest Community?

Find what you could save.

It’s the reason I trust
Midwest Community!

Committed to Your Life Moments

High School Icon

High School Student

We want to help you save for your future! Did you know that the average college student graduates with $39,400 in debt?

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New Family Icon

Starting a Family

Such a big step, and we’re here to guide you. What do you need to save for your new little bundle?

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College Student Preperation Icon

College Student

Let’s get you on the right track for paying off that debt! And what’s next? A new house? Let’s plan it out!

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Kids In College Icon

Sending Kids to College

Wish you didn’t blink? We know the feeling! Looking to help them out financially? Get in touch with us!

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New House Icon

Just Married / First Home

Congrats! We couldn’t be happier for you. But what does this mean for your finances? Check in with us!

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Retirement Icon

Looking At Retirement

Most people don’t even bat an eye at this topic until they’re 55 and wishing to be done. Reach out before it’s too late!

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Learning Education Icon

Learning & Education

Your financial success is our success and we are passionate about providing you the educational tools and resources to thrive. Take advantage of the free educational resources on our website to build the financial edge in life you need to reach your goals. And when you do, let us know... we love when our members share their stories!

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