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Looking for a credit card to give you some bang for your buck? Look no further than Midwest Community’s VISA® Credit Card options.

All Credit Card Features:

  • No Annual Fee
  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • No Cash Advance Fee
  • Non Variable Rates
  • Free Online Access and Account Management
  • 25-day Grace Period on Purchases

VISA® Platinum Rewards Credit Card

  • Credit Limits of $5,000 – $25,000


  • 1 point for every dollar spent
  • Enrollment Bonus: 10,000 points for the first $1,000 spent within first 90 days.
  • Travel Rewards
  • Merchandise Rewards: Extensive Merchandise Catalog available for redemption

Redemption Rewards:

  • Merchant Gift Cards
  • Points-to-Cash:  Credit to Statement, Deposit to checking, savings, loan, charitable contribution
  • Bonus Points for shopping with Participating Merchants

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*Balance Transfers do not qualify for points.

Non Variable Rate for Purchases, Cash Advances, Balance TransfersRATE: 10.99%
Annual Percentage Rate on approved credit.

VISA® Platinum Credit Card

Introductory Rate for Six MonthsRATE: 3.99%
Purchases and Cash AdvancesRATE: 8.99%
Annual Percentage Rate on approved credit.

VISA® Classic Credit Card

Purchases and Cash AdvancesRATE: 14.75%
*Annual Percentage Rate on approved credit.
Terms & Conditions for Visa Classic and Visa Platinum

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VISA® Credit Card Alerts

Consumer Alerts provides Midwest Community VISA® cardholders with valuable knowledge about VISA® credit card account activity and potential fraud situations while you’re on the go; Real-time credit card transaction alerts elected by Midwest Community VISA® cardholders can be emailed or texted to your mobile phone. If someone uses your card without authorization,  you will know in seconds. You will be impressed with the speed of real-time alerts and rest comfortably knowing that your card cannot be used without your knowledge.

Choose to receive alerts on what’s most important to you

Your Midwest Community Visa® credit card now offers you the most convenient way of keeping track of your account activity anytime, anywhere!

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