5 Money Lessons from Stranger Things

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” be warned! There are many spoilers ahead. 

The cult phenomenon has taken over the social lives of many avid binge watchers the past weekend, and will surely be captivating your newsfeed for the week to come. Heed a few valuable lessons from the show. 

1. Don’t get in over your head. Eleven’s mom was duped into doing some very bad things for money, and it impacted her in the long run. What she thought was going to be an easy way to earn extra cash practically cost her her life. Follow the old adage that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

2. Don’t marry for money. Mike’s parents are perpetually unhappy together. Sure, on the outside it looks like they have a great life. Three smart kids, a cozy suburban home and they’re all home for dinner every night with one another. But as their daughter Nancy reveals to a friend, her parents are both miserable. Her mom only married her dad because he appeared to be financially secure, but is now trapped in an unhappy marriage. Pursue what makes you happy in life and in love, because it’s much better than the alternative. 

3. Save for a rainy day. When her son Will goes missing, Joyce finds herself needing some extra cash to pick up some unexpected expenses, and takes a two-week advance from her employer to cover it. Her boss generously, but reluctantly, agrees to do so, but you should only use a cash advance as a last resort.

4. Have your friends over instead of going out. Throughout season one, the boys spend a lot of time in Mike’s basement playing Dungeons and Dragons. They spend hours and hours playing and never once get bored. But in season two, they take up a more costly hobby – arcade games. While still fairly affordable, they never seem to have quite as much fun.

5. Biking is cheaper than driving everywhere. While “Stranger Things” is set in a simpler time, can you imagine what life would be like if the kids had their parents drive them everywhere instead of biking? That would be quite the gas bill.

6. Eat at home. Especially when feeding a family, eating at home is cheaper than eating out 99% of the time. Plus, it’s healthier, too, which in turn helps to lower future healthcare costs. Unless you get taken into the Upside Down by a demagorgan. Then you’re just out of luck.

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