Considering a car purchase in 2020?

Purchasing a car can be complicated, and perhaps an even more difficult decision to manage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the ongoing economic challenges, consumers appear more eager than usual to make a vehicle purchase.

As people have shifted their lives to a more virtual environment, consumers continue to shop for cars online. According to a recent survey, which polled around 3,000 respondents earlier this year, 48% of consumers said they’re interested in handling price negotiations online, while 42% said they also want to secure financing online.

According to the same survey, 20% of respondents have surprisingly considered buying a new car because of the pandemic’s economic impact. Additionally, one in three consumers report moving faster to purchase a vehicle than they would under normal conditions. This trend is likely due to a significant decrease in ride-sharing and public transportation use during the pandemic. In fact, the survey found 40% of respondents are using ride-sharing services less often since the COVID-19 outbreak, with 93% of those people claiming they now rely on their own vehicle more often.

Although the 2020 landscape of car purchasing is different, some aspects of the process remain the same. It is crucial for consumers to research, comparison shop, test drive, and thoroughly inspect all prospective vehicles before finalizing a purchase. Knowledge of a responsible budget is a crucial part of the car-buying process.

Visit this link for 7 tips for purchasing a new car in 2020.

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Network Administrator

Are you seeking a career at an organization that:

• Offers superior member service?
• Is committed to building financial wellness for our members and their families?
• Is actively involved in the communities we serve?
• Offers a competitive salary and benefits with growth opportunities to their employees?

Midwest Community Federal Credit Union is seeking candidates who possess excellent communication skills, the ability to adapt quickly to change and those who are punctual, honest, and friendly!

The Network Administrator position duties include, but are not limited to, providing support to users, maintaining servers and workstations (including associated hardware and software), and installing and configuring network equipment. The ideal candidate will have at least two years of experience in a network administration role, previous experience with Microsoft Windows Server and desktop operating systems, switches and routers, VMware ESXi, Microsoft365, and VoIP systems.

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